Pinups Blondes

Pinups Blondes Studio : Bel Ami
run time : 102
released :

Description : If you’re one of those gentlemen who prefers blonds, then Bel Ami’s latest release, “Pinups: Blondes”, will be right up your alley. If you enjoy still photography and wonder how talented photographers go about the envious job of photographing virile young men in provocatively naked poses, then this video will be erotically informative. The best of Bel Ami’s Internet photo shoots, taken from the company’s extensive achieves, showcases fourteen handsome lads who’ll also reveal, after a vigorous posing session, how they go about releasing the pent-up tensions that build up in their loins during the long, grueling shoots.

Category(s) : Euro International Masturbation Model Twink Uncut

Starring in Pinups Blondes