The Private Life Of Josh Elliot

The Private Life Of Josh Elliot Studio : Bel Ami
run time : 135
released :

Description : Fans of Josh Elliot will be ecstatic with the release of Bel Ami’s latest video, “The Private Life of Josh Elliot.” Not only is there episode after episode of him playing hanky-panky with some of the best known models, but a couple of very sexy up-and-coming heartthrobs are part of the mix as well. Also included are photo shoots and, most enlightening of all, an ongoing interview with Josh throughout the video conducted by none other than the maestro himself, George Duroy. The intimate tidbits gleaned from this tell-all will keep viewers riveted to their screens, as will hearing Josh speak not only English with his sexy Czech accent, but French as well with a very gregarious French Canadian. The easygoing and fun-filled banter between Josh and Mr. Duroy begins with the discussion of his new hairstyle as opposed to his previous one and why he made the change, which leads to his photo shoot taken in South Africa where the youthful Josh, with his signature bangs, poses for Marty Stevens in an outdoor alcove. Many will remember these seductive poses back when he won us over as lifelong fans with his playful grin and twinkling eyes, and yes, along with that firm, svelte body which hasn’t changed one iota over the years.

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