Boyz On The Side: Love And Betrayal Episodes 1-3

Boyz On The Side: Love And Betrayal Episodes 1-3 Studio : Climax3
run time : 107
released : 05/2005

Description : Luke tells Ben that he loves him and would never do anything to hurt him. The action goes upstairs where Ben and Luke make out passionately. The next morning Luke is still horny and asks Ben to skip work, but Ben refuses. Later in the park, Luke is spied in the viewfinder of gorgeous Brazilian hunk Freddie who is shooting video footage. Freddie follows Luke and takes him home. Freddie makes a move on Luke and Luke excuses himself and goes to the bathroom. He can’t help thinking of Ben and what he promised, that he would never hurt him in the meantime Freddie sets up a secret camera to film his lovemaking with Luke. When Luke goes back downstairs he can’t resist kissing Freddie. Soon they have incredibly hot sex, so passionate, that Luke doesn’t notice when the rental videotape case in his bag gets knocked onto the floor. After both guys have cum, Freddie asks if he can see Luke again, but Luke says he has a boyfriend. In a mean spirited move, while Luke is in the bathroom freshening up, Freddie is switching Luke’s videotape with the secret sex tape he has recorded. Luke returns and picks up the tape.

Category(s) : Boyfriends Euro Feature International Latin Parody Safe Sex Uncut

Starring in Boyz On The Side: Love And Betrayal Episodes 1-3

3 pornstars found