Young Conservatives

Young Conservatives Studio :
run time : 59
released : 02/2017

Description : Will Braun and Tommy Regan are a couple of young conservatives who share the same secret. While out on the road, the two studs come out to each other. They soon realize that there would be no harm in fooling around a bit if they keep it on the down low. Topher Di Maggio is running for office but someone has just leaked to the public that he is gay. Convinced it was Will Braun, he has him choke on his stiff cock and then take it deep in his ass. When Jack King runs into his high school fuck buddy, Tommy Regan, he cant help but notice some obvious changes. Tommy assures Jack that nothing has changed by riding Jacks thick dick just like old times.

Category(s) : Anal High Definition Muscles Safe Sex White Collar

Starring in Young Conservatives