Fathers And Sons 6

Fathers And Sons 6 Studio : Mile High Media Iconmale
run time : 105
released : 10/2017

Description : Dolf Dietrich is about to meet his adult son (Brendan Patrick) for the first time, and his husband (Hugh Hunter) is supportive of the reunion. But there's an instant, unexpected attraction between sultry, bearded Brendan and older, muscular Hugh, and Dolf picks up on the sexual tension -- and he doesn't like it. Meanwhile, Hugh's hot teen son (Troy Accola) also wants Brendan, and hooks up with his older "brother" after a night of drinking and partying. Will this so-called happy reunion tear Dolf's new, happy family apart? Secrets abound in the latest episode of this hit series from Icon Male.

Category(s) : Anal Daddy High Definition Safe Sex Taboo

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